A broken object: I repair it myself

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A breakage ? Failure ? You may doubt it, but you are quite able to fix it yourself, and we explain how to do it.

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Repairing our devices to use them longer rather than sending them to the scrap at the first failure? The idea may seem a little far-fetched to some, but it is sometimes accessible, economical and not so difficult to do yourself.make.

Have it repaired, at what cost?

To have an appliance repaired by a professional, it is always preferable to contact a technician approved by the brand.Unfortunately, this is not the cheapest solution, but it is the safest.calling the manufacturers' consumer services, or on their websites.For a device that you can take to the store or the repairer's shop, you will often have to pay the quote if you decide not to have the repair done.even for a home diagnosis, to which will be added the cost of the trip of the repairer.

Master the costs

To avoid unpleasant surprises for consumers, some professionals announce their prices in advance, such as Darty, with its travel and diagnostic package billed at 79 euros, plus 30 euros for labor in the event on-site repair.For small household appliances left in the store, the diagnosis costs 49 euros.In both cases the invoice will be increased by the price of any parts.Rowenta offers prices by type of appliance: 53 euros for an espresso machine , 93 euros for a steam generator.At Electrolux, count 189 euros to have a washing machine or dishwasher repaired at home, parts and three-month warranty included.The Envie social and solidarity economy network charges 39 euros per outlet in charge of devices in its stores (for one hour of labor), and offers second-hand spare parts when possible.

Posted Date: 2020-08-24

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