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Which devices are supported with VidToon™?

VidToon™ is a desktop app that wants to be installed on either Desktop or Notebook computer. It is properly matched with Windows min i5/8Gb Ram or Mac OS. VidToon™
can’t crawl on Ipads, phone devices, or Chrome book.

How Assassinate I Fetch Pork up?

Now we fetch a dedicated and Authentic Pork up staff with answers to all of your questions about VidToon™. While you require aid, real send us an email
[email protected] and ask a rapid response and resolution to your inquire of.

What Characters and Background images on hand in VidToon™?

Photos and Characters on hand in VidToon™ are:

  • Appliance Restore, Automobile Dealer, Chiropractor, Gallop Agent, Acupuncture
  • Bakery, Images, Plumber, Constructing Contractor, Enterprise man
  • Dentist, Physician, Electrician-Florist, Funeral Products and services, Fitness coach
  • Hair dresser, Jeweler, Mechanic, Painter, Cleansing service, Tournament planner
  • Architect, Firefighter, Pest fetch watch over
  • Every Character from above has:

  • 21 Dusky Female Characters + 21 Dusky Male Characters
  • 21 White Female Characters + 21 White Male Characters
  • Complete is 84 consuming recordsdata per character

    Every theme has x5 Background images

    What are the animations on hand for VidToon™ Characters?

    Every Character has the following animation:

  • Riding-Counting, Crying, Downhearted, Handshake left, Handshake moral
  • Having an Notion, Leaping, Money Rain, Pointing, Raising hands, Working
  • Announcing No, Announcing Fling, Signing a contract, Talking, Talking on the phone
  • Pondering, Practising, Walking, Working on notebook computer
  • Complete is 1680 consuming file incorporated on the Vidtoon™ 2.1

    What occurs if I fail to discover This Deal?

    This is a VERY restricted provide and a ONE TIME PAYMENT. As soon as the initiating special ends, VidToon™ will handiest be equipped for $67 a month.

    So while you settle on to must get more views at an absolute seize – don’t take a seat on the fence, act now and don’t streak over out.

    Does VidToon™ attain with step-by-step instructions?

    Even though VidToon™ has been designed to be fully User-pleasant, there is a step-by step video tutorial incorporated, to take into account to originate no longer streak over
    out on any of the amazing capabilities now we must provide. Our buyer strengthen staff can be on hand to book you thru any roadblocks you face.

    What’s the resolution for videos exported from VidToon™ ?

    Movies exported from vidtoon fetch FHD resolution.

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